How easy are they to use?

One of the reasons I love these glosses is because there’s something for everyone and they are SO easy to wear and pair. They glide on beautifully and look great on their own. But I’ll also be posting hints, tips and tutorials on some great ways to use all of the glosses.

Am I too old (or young) to wear these?

These glosses are perfect whether you’re a 14-year-old just starting to wear makeup or you’re that 14-year-old’s glam-ma. My mantra: Any color. Any person. Anytime. No limitations.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Allergies are a tricky situation. Because there is no animal testing done and these are not dermatologist approved products we cannot guarantee that they are “hypoallergenic”.

Are they flavored?

Nope not flavored and although they are not overwhelmingly scented people tell me they love the way they smell.

Why a pot and not a wand applicator?

I went with a pot for a few reasons. First, you have more control to wear it as your mood or wardrobe changes. It’s easier to keep clean and free of the nasty bacteria that wand glosses can attract (just give it an occasional spritz of alcohol) — and that means more bang for your buck. A pot can last up to two years!